Why bother with an industrial placement?

by Graeme

It is a difficult decision for you to make when you are already devoting 4 years of your life to undergraduate study. Why extend that time commitment for another year by doing an industrial placement?

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My Placement Experience

by Ben

In my two and a half years as a Software Developer at Codify, I have experienced a wide range of roles and responsibilities across the operations division of the business - starting in 2011 as a placement student in the Support team, before returning to university and continuing part-time at Codify as a developer for internal business systems and finally transitioning to the Projects team earlier this year.

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My Placement Year at Codify

by Andrea

I chose to do a placement year as I wasn't 100% certain what I wanted to do when I graduated. As a computing science student at Aberdeen University, I attended various career events and was quite overwhelmed by the choice of careers; software developer, system analyst, business analyst, systems designer, technical writer, software engineer…

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