Christmas with Codify

by Emma

The spicy smell of mulled wine drifted through the office, drawing our staff down from the attic. Mince pies and an assortment of decorated gingerbread treats greeted them. They were soon joined by some of our clients and associates who battled through the stormy weather.

The boardroom was looking very festive for our Christmas quiz but not everyone had done their research. A few Christmas themed questions and a picture round caused quite a stir amongst my colleagues and our clients. Apparently the questions were harder than I anticipated and I should have been more lenient with my marking. And who knew Canada had their own version of "Twelve Days of Christmas"?

But everyone enjoyed themselves and our winners, the Apache Angels triumphed with 32, taking home their chocolate winnings. Unfortunately team Humbug received the wooden spoons, with 14 only points.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate Christmas and a fantastic 2013.




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