Our Favourite Blog Posts from December

by Adam

Now that Christmas is a distant memory, have a read over a few of our favourite tech blog posts which you may have missed during the festive season.

The Trouble with Politicians Sharing Passwords - Troy Hunt


If you follow UK politics, you may remember Nadine Dorries getting into a bit of a twitter spat with the tech community over the sharing of passwords. Troy Hunt gives an excellent breakdown of why this is a terrible idea.

C# - All About Span: Exploring a New .NET Mainstay - Steven Toub


Don't be fooled by the article date, this was first published in December! In this article Steven Toub goes in depth on the new .NET value type System.Span<T>, describing how it is implemented and when you might want to use it.

Getting Ready for the Web in 2018 - John Papa


John Papa, developer advocate at Microsoft, shares his thoughts on the web in 2018 in a free webinar. In this post, Pluralsight also highlight some tweets from his related Twitter Q&A.

Open Source .NET - 3 years later - Matt Warren


A fascinating look at how the community contributions to Microsoft .NET repositories have progressed, during the three years since parts of the .NET Framework were open sourced.

Clearing Cache in the Browser - Andrew Betts


Cached assets are used to improve performance in the browser, but it's all too easy to give these a long lifetime by mistake. This article describes a few solutions to the problem.



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