Our Favourite Blog Posts from January

by Mikko

January is the time to reflect on the past year and take a look at what's coming. This is also true for the technology blogs and open-source projects that we have been following in the past month. 

Aurelia 2018 Roadmap


A lot of effort was put into supporting the Aurelia community in 2017, including a new website with a long-awaited discussion forum and improved documentation. This year will see features like server-side rendering, enhanced UX library, template intellisense and full conversion to Typescript. The core modules will also keep improving, with an impressive list of new features in the latest Router release.

Bootstrap 4


After more than three years in making, and half a year since the beta release, Bootstrap has finally released the new, stable major version of the most popular front-end framework. Although there are now quite a few options for a CSS framework to choose from, this release is the perfect opportunity for an update without jumping to the unknown.

What's New in HTML 5.2? - Ire Aderinokun


If you missed the release of the new W3C Recommendation stage specification for HTML 5.2, worry not. bitsofcode has a quick overview of some of the most important changes, inclusing the new native dialog-element.

Extending the Async Methods in C# - Sergey Teplyakov


Two months ago, Sergey posted an impressively detailed analysis on the internal workings of async methods in C#. In January, he posted a new article explaining how to leverage this understanding by extending the async methods in three different ways, including using Task-like types that are supported starting from C# 7.2.

Code the City 11 - Jack Griffiths


We're also excited to share this write-up from Jack about the last Code the City weekend of 2017, where our team took part in the fun by looking into Raspberry Pi's, Azure Logic Apps and Cognitive Services.



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