Our Favourite Blog Posts from November

by Adam

Here are our some of our favourite blog posts from November.

Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs - Peter Jang

It can be difficult keeping up to date with the latest JavaScript tools. Peter Jang gives an interesting oversight on how JavaScript tools have developed over the years.

Introducing Nullable Reference Types in C# - Mads Torgersen

A prototype of a new C# feature was released this month, which has got a lot of people talking. This article explains the .NET teams thinking behind the feature.

Projects That Make Aurelia Shine - Sean Hunter

It's no secret that we love Aurelia here at Codify. In an extract from his book "Aurelia in Action", Sean Hunter describes several web development models to see where Aurelia can add a benefit.

Microsoft is bringing clever tabs to every Windows 10 app - Tom Warren on The Verge

A feature which has long been on the wish list for many Windows users, Microsoft has announced that testing has begun on Windows 'Sets', which will allow separate apps to be grouped into tabbed windows. Although initially limited to Universal Windows Apps, this could be expanded to standard desktop applications in the future.

Dissecting the async methods in C# - Sergey Teplyakov

Async methods were introduced in C# 5, and we use them a lot in our applications. Sergey gives a detailed analysis of what let to their introduction, and how they work behind the scenes.



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