The Importance of Continual Customer Involvement

by Lisa

Software development projects are challenging. They require many people with many different skill-sets to work together to achieve the same goal - to deliver a working system that meets the needs of the customer.

The most important team member in any project is the customer and their involvement throughout the process is crucial. In the ideal world, customers would have a representative on site with our development team and would be available at all times to offer input into the development process. This could range from confirming details of their requirements, having input to the user interface to testing a part of the system. But unfortunately this is rarely achievable as the customer will have other duties to perform as part of their own job.  

However, striving for frequent and consistent customer involvement is imperative to producing the best results for the customer. When the customer is engaged during analysis, development and testing the project maintains momentum and the delivered solution meets the customer requirements; our processes help to ensure that.

Good project methodologies will include customer input throughout the process. This includes PRINCE2, which states that customers should review their business case frequently throughout the project. This helps ensure that what is being created is required and is exactly what is needed.

With continual customer involvement minor adjustments to the system can be managed throughout the project much more efficiently than changes being highlighted later in the process when the system is almost complete.

At Codify we pride ourselves on ensuring we deliver what the customer needs.  With minimal customer involvement, software development teams will always be able to produce good systems. However, with a high level of continual input from the customer throughout the project, the final system will be more suited to their needs, be delivered faster and be less troublesome at go live as the consistent involvement has made sure the end result is exactly what the customer wanted.


2014,project management

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