Urquhart Partnership turn 18, Happy Birthday UP!

by Emma

The theme of the party was Glam Rock so I leapt at the chance to join them for a thoroughly entertaining evening that involved a lot of dancing, some questionable costumes and very tasty stovies.

As we pulled up to the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen and stepped out onto the red carpet, the paparazzi were a flashing onslaught. Descending into the reception we were greeted with feather boas and champagne to start the evening.

Adam Ant aka Campbell Urquhart, commenced proceedings with an introduction with some very suspect ballroom/rock related puns.

Everyone took to the dance floor when the Bloody Marys struck up serenading us with Take That, Lady Gaga and some 80s classics. Even Campbell got a little stage time and a dance from the lead singer.

It was a fantastic evening, thank you for inviting us UP!

UP 18th Birthday



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