Weston - Application Suite

25 January 2019

Weston helps its clients identify, plan and manage their legislative obligations. We helped them make that whole process easier.

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ASCO - Trakit

26 July 2016

ASCO are an international oilfield support services company providing logistics, waste management, skilled personnel, training and many other services to the oil and gas industry. ASCO approached Codify to take over the support and maintenance of one of their existing systems, Trakit (formerly known as MATSYS). Trakit, a crucial business system for ASCO, is used to manage container movements between client, ASCO and 3rd party locations. After a review of the application Codify proposed enhancing Trakit and then taking on support.

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Return to Scene - R2S

1 September 2011

R2S is a powerful asset integrity and management solution. Using unique technology, the software produces high quality 360˚ spherical images which create a walk-through environment for the user. This allows a quick assessment of an area or equipment. The approach is currently used by the oil and gas industry, maritime and commercial sectors.

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AGR - P1

30 August 2011

AGR Solution Systems had developed a successful software application called P1™ which is used to analyse and manage the risks/opportunities encountered during the construction of wells. Codify were invited to take over the development of P1™ and have since completed a technical re-write, redeveloped the engine behind the software and added a number of new features including a new Monte-Carlo engine that increased the simulation speeds 100 fold.

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