Forum Energy Technologies - PROSPER

3 August 2016

Forum Energy Technologies are a global oilfield products company that service many sectors in the oil and gas industry, including subsea, drilling and production. Each business unit in Forum Energy Technologies (Forum) subsea division used to have their own way of tracking quotes, including using spreadsheets. Over the course of a year hundreds to thousands of quotes were generated per business unit, and this became steadily more difficult to manage in spreadsheets. Coupled with the variations of quotes per business unit and the challenge of monitoring and reporting across all businesses, Forum decided they required a more robust and centralised system.

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Scotvalve Services Limited - MASCOT

27 January 2016

Scotvalve Services Limited, part of the Petrofac Group, provide testing and refurbishment services for a range of oil and gas related equipment. Previously, Scotvalve Services Limited, managed their operations, quality and documentation functions through various informal systems and Excel spreadsheets. Due to the volume of data held, these various solutions became unusable, time consuming to search, and several of the systems required upgrading.

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Entiér - RADICAL

26 January 2016

Entiér provide catering and support services both on and offshore. Their teams offer first-class catering, housekeeping and hospitality services as well as catering for private and corporate events. Entiér had a highly macro’d Excel spreadsheet in place at each of their assets. They were used globally to track the three core stock levels of their business; food, cleaning and offshore bond or retail.

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Stork - iBolt

14 March 2014

Stork are a leading global provider of knowledge based asset integrity services for the Oil & Gas, Power and Chemical sectors. As part of their services they offer on-site machining and bolting. Stork approached Codify to replace an existing Access database that was used to manage joints. The application had become cumbersome and difficult to use and so Stork wished to replace it with a new, fast and stable application which needed to be user friendly and intuitive.

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Stork - Continual Improvement

14 November 2013

Stork Technical Services (Stork) are a leading global provider of knowledge based asset integrity services for the Oil & Gas, Power and Chemical sectors. Stork's HSE department had an existing Excel spreadsheet which included a number of Visual Basic (VB) macros which Stork used to log, monitor and report on their continuous improvement (CI) forms. The spreadsheet was difficult to access, as only one person could open it at a time, cumbersome to use and prone to errors.

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Swagelok Scotland Teesside Ireland - STARS

22 October 2013

Swagelok Scotland Teesside Ireland are authorised Swagelok sales and service centres providing fluid system solutions, including products, assemblies, and services for a number of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical and semiconductor. Their application STARS allows Swagelok Scotland Teesside Ireland to manage their internal and external training including scheduling, creation of certificates and reporting.

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Moody International - Evolution

10 January 2012

Moody International is a technical services company, formed in 1911, with offices in over 60 countries. The technical services supplied include supplier inspection, expediting and auditing.

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