Customer service scores for Codify

Codify, an Aberdeen based software solution company has performed extremely well in a recent Microsoft Customer Satisfaction survey. The survey which was carried out by Microsoft showed that 100% of Codify's customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with the work that Codify has done for them. The survey also highlighted the fact that 87.5% of Codify's clients are loyal to them - a key factor in a competitive market.

Aberdeen based software solution company, Codify, are members of the Microsoft Partner Programme and have received certification from Microsoft confirming their expertise in software development. Following an extensive approval process Codify is a certified Microsoft partner with a competency in Custom Development Solutions. As part of their aim to achieve gold certified status Codify agreed to take part in a Microsoft Customer Satisfaction survey.

Mark Griffiths, Managing Director of Codify Ltd says, "Participating in the Microsoft customer satisfaction survey has proved to be a rewarding experience. During the course of each project we endeavour to obtain feedback from clients. Due to time constraints this is not always possible so it was gratifying to receive feedback via a third party and also to hear that 80% of those asked to take part in the survey did so. According to Microsoft this is an extremely high response rate."

Codify's top three areas of strength were identified as being their overall quality of technical support, the overall quality of customer software solution development and the ease of doing business with them.

"As a result of the survey we have learnt that on the whole our clients are happy with the services we provide and would consider both using our services in the future and referring us to others."

The survey also provided an opportunity for clients to provide suggestions on how they think Codify can improve on the service that they currently offer.

Mark comments, "The old customer service adage that the customer is always right is something that can and should be applied across all industries. In a competitive market customer retention is vital for many companies and customers will only remain loyal if they are happy with the service that they receive. Listening to, and taking heed of the feedback and comments that we have received can only serve to improve the service that we offer to both existing and new clients."

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