Codify increases HSE awareness for local logistics client

Aberdeen-based software solutions company, Codify, recently completed a contract worth £20,000 to develop an advanced HSEQ monitoring system for local logistics company ASCO. The project lasted nine months, and produced a system which records, reports and analyses HSEQ incidents, significantly increasing the visibility of such information throughout the organisation.

Graeme Humphrey, Operations Manager of Codify comments: "Having worked with us before on previous projects, ASCO approached us with the remit to provide a HSEQ monitoring system specific to their needs, which would enhance the robust HSEQ process already in place."

IT Manager at ASCO, Brian Docherty, says: "We identified a need to invest in our HSEQ software in order to improve the visibility of information and share learning throughout the company, by improving both local and international access. Our original HSEQ process was very reliable and we wanted a system specifically tailored to ASCO to support that. We were confident that Codify would provide the innovative technology required for such a process."

The user-friendly, web-based system developed by Codify increases the opportunity for improved safety performance levels, through shared learning and an action tracking process. Director of HSEQ at ASCO, Albert Pumfrett, explains: "Health, safety, quality and environmental events are entered in the system, and logged as incidents that need addressing. The new software allows us to delegate and track responsibilities amongst staff. Automatically generated progress prompts ensure that targets and deadlines for completion of investigations and corrective actions are met."

"The HSE web application is interesting because it allows each end-user to create a personalised view of the HSE data and provides a live to-do list of incidents that each user has to action or monitor," explains Graeme. "We employed Microsoft's newest end-user ad-hoc reporting tool, which has proven to be a very powerful technology that provides end-users with simple access to data without requiring specialist skills."

Albert adds, "There are already more than 100 members of staff using the system and one major benefit is the amount of time saved on administrative tasks, which frees us up to focus on HSEQ performance rather than the generation of statistics."

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