Codify achieves Investors in People status

Aberdeen based software solutions company, Codify, achieved Investors in People (IIP) status this month (4 September), a milestone which recognises the business's good practice in developing its people over the past six years. In compliance with IIP requirements, the review found that Codify was not only meeting but exceeding the IIP Standard in a significant number of areas.

The IIP standard is a business improvement tool designed to advance an organisation's performance through its people. "IIP uses a flexible framework, adaptable for any organisation's requirements, and helps a company to follow and practise a planning cycle based on the three principles of planning, doing and reviewing," explains Codify's Business Manager, Emma Thomson.

"Achieving IIP status essentially required us to demonstrate that we can plan strategies to improve performance, actively improve performance and assess the effects of the improved performance on the company," continues Emma.

"Following the review, we were pleased to hear that our company was found to demonstrate a strong business planning process, with a culture of openness pervading the whole organisation. The review also revealed that staff are positive and optimistic and that new staff are easily absorbed within the company, with effective management and team involvement in decisions also recognised as particular strengths.

"The award provides an excellent framework for Codify to work both within and towards," continues Emma. "In fact, we found that it mirrors much of what we already do, in terms of existing policies and practice regarding staff appraisals, supporting staff, communicating effectively with them and providing opportunities for appropriate training and development."

"Codify will profit from achieving IIP status in a number of ways, such as implementing more focussed operational and strategic objectives, having a clearer appreciation of the costs and benefits of staff development and a supportive framework for achieving excellence in people development.

"In addition to being good news for the company as a whole, IIP status also gives our employees a number of added benefits such as a more focussed approach to personal development, regular appraisals, and improved feedback from managers," Emma explains.

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