AGR improve engineering processes tenfold with new technology

AGR Engineers are delighted with performance improvements that software specialist Codify recently implemented. Earlier this year Codify suggested running a proof of concept on their P1 software to illustrate the benefits of "High Performance Computing (HPC)" technology. Following a successful proof of concept, Codify was commissioned to apply the new technology to P1 resulting in a tenfold improvement in processing times.

Codify's Operations Director, Graeme Humphrey, explains: "The successful project we carried out for AGR stemmed from our research into Microsoft Compute Cluster Server - part of Microsoft's HPC technology offering. We immediately realised that this technology would be of huge benefit to the P1 product and presented the case for a proof of concept to AGR."

He continues "Here at Codify, we go beyond providing software or support. When we make a discovery, design or enhance new software our thoughts turn to how this could be applied to past, present and future client requirements."

Such was the case with AGR. The proof of concept was so successful that Codify was commissioned to modify P1 to make use of the new technology.

Keith Wildridge of AGR said: "Codify have continued to impress us. For this project they approached us with the new technology and drove the project from concept through to completion. This attitude has benefited everyone since the improvements to our software will provide enormous time savings for both our own and our clients' engineers."

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