Codify turns prototype into a polished product

Software solutions company Codify has recently completed a five figure project for Internet For Business Ltd (IFB). Codify was retained to turn IFB's InteracKT software from a prototype to a fully fledged interactive online knowledge distribution tool.

Graeme Gordon, Operations Director of IFB explains, "We had developed a working prototype of InteracKT in house but it needed further work in order to turn it into a high quality, polished product ready for the marketplace. Having recognised this we decided to bring in the experts and got in touch with Codify."

"InteracKT represents an exciting development in blended, distance technology and is designed to enable the flow of information from any organisation with a remote or large workforce, student campuses or client base and create a truly interactive experience."

Graeme adds, "The software has been developed in such a way that it is possible for the audience to communicate with the person doing the presentation. For example, someone studying for a qualification via a long distance course could, via InteracKT, hear and participate in the same lecture as someone actually sitting in the lecture hall. The software also allows users to send messages to the presenter meaning that they can ask or respond to questions."

Graeme points out that the software has many applications. "It is easy to see how InteracKT could easily be applied in the academic world. However there are many more uses; we foresee it being used in both the public and the private sector. It has been used by a police force to communicate internally and could potentially be used to interview suspects in other regions or countries. InteracKT also provides an environmentally friendly yet cost effective alternative to travelling to business meetings."

Mark Griffiths, managing director of Codify adds, "InteracKT was an exciting project for Codify to be involved in. Several of our developers were keen to work on it as it was the first time that we had been asked to develop something with audio visual capabilities. This made the work more interesting than normal as those involved in the project had to get up to speed on new technologies extremely quickly in order to meet the client's requirements.

"This didn't phase us as software technologies are continually changing and updating so keeping up to date with these and learning new working methods is part of the very nature of our work."

According to Graeme an additional benefit to InteracKT is that is has minimum impact on the broadcaster's IT system. "A PC and standard web camera are all that is required to begin broadcasting with InteracKT. As well as supplying the user with the software we also provide the necessary server-side components. This includes an encoding platform, hosting the content and the required bandwidth.

He concludes, "This means that any potential broadcasters don't have to worry about installing the sophisticated server-side components, and those viewing the presentation just need to access the internet via a standard web browser - it really couldn't be simpler."

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