Codify first to use latest Microsoft software on contract worth £20,000

Software solutions firm secure £20,000 contract to provide SBS Marine with the latest technology.

Aberdeen-based software solutions firm, Codify has embarked on a project to build bespoke software for SBS Marine as part of a contract worth around £20,000. It's the latest in a long line of contracts the Aberdeen-based software solutions company has secured recently. Microsoft has just released version 4 of its Dynamics product and Codify will be the first to use it to benefit SBS Marine's HR function.

SBS Marine currently operates six supply vessels, one in the North Sea and five vessels in India and tracks personnel using Excel spreadsheets. Looking for a way to streamline their systems, the company has chosen Codify, who will use Microsoft Dynamics CRM v 4.0 to build a personnel database for SBS and allow the company to manage staff efficiently.

Sheena Holland, Personnel Director of SBS Marine says, "We highlighted our business functions and requirements to Codify who streamlined many of our HR processes to build a system that will control data centrally, with reporting and analysis built-in.

For instance, we will be able to track leave entitlement, staff movements on and off ships and communications between ships. We will also enhance compliance with regulations from one central system as any certification issues will be highlighted. This means that when an employee needs to be certified for a job or certification has expired the system will show this. In the same way clearances for UK and European personnel working in India will be flagged up in the system from visas to certificates, so we can ensure that we comply with our clients' requirements."

Mark Griffiths, director of Codify says, "We make sure that we use the very latest technology when we build solutions for our clients. This ensures that systems are not only functional and future-proof, but also running at optimum level.

He continues, "The project would have cost at least double if traditional technology were used to build a system for SBS. Using CRM as the technology base saves time and is quicker to use to develop software. Version 4.0 has better developer support and deeper customisation so we were able to easily include all the extras SBS Marine needed such as the certification reminder."

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