Codify predict bright future for technology sector in Aberdeen

It is now used as a conventional coffee table but at its height it was the latest must-see piece of technology that drew in the crowds.

Showcased by Codify at Offshore Europe in 2009, the Microsoft Surface was a table with an integrated hidden PC featuring a glass top surface which - when switched on becomes a flat touch screen monitor - was a great innovation.

The mercurial pace of a continually evolving technology industry means the Surface can now be found as an intriguing coffee table in Codify's boardroom.


After the coffee table moment at the previous show, the firm is continuing to push the boundaries and is tipping another Microsoft product - the HoloLens - to create a stir in the months and years ahead.

The HoloLens is described as the world's first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer and it enables high-definition holograms to come to life.

The "mixed reality" experience being promised by Microsoft is designed to provide new ways to create, communicate, work, and play - with Codify believing the Windows 10 platform of the HoloLens presents its team with development opportunities far beyond gaming.

Although not hosting their own stand this year, the Codify team will be out in force at Offshore Europe as several of the company's clients are exhibiting.

Founded in 2000 by Mark Griffiths and now celebrating its 15th anniversary, the Aberdeen based software specialist has come a long way, growing from a small office and two employees to a thriving business and 24 team members.

Graeme Humphrey, managing director of Codify, said: "The past 15 years have seen an incredible amount of change in the technology sector and as a small company we are incredibly proud of the growth we have achieved within that time.

"The very nature of the technology sector is one of fluctuation and innovation but it is these factors that mean the work is varied and fast-paced, which is great as we are always up for the challenge of keeping on top of the latest advances. There have been difficult times, the global recession hit us hard in 2009 and 2010 but we came through that into a stronger position, and the past two years in particular have been buoyed by a number of big contract wins."

The Microsoft Surface Hub - the big brother of Codify's original Surface - is another piece of kit grabbing the attention of developers.

Instead of needing custom apps which only it would run, Codify could now develop standard Windows apps that would run on the Surface Hub or a regular PC.

With improved resolution and display, the old favourite is set to be revived in contemporary form.

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